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Clone Menu

Clones are $8-$10 Donation Each

$8 each for orders of 50+

Please allow 1-3 weeks for orders to be prepared

Here is our current clone inventory…

***UPDATED 12/7/2020***

Ice Cream Cake….. 100 available

Animal Cookies….. 75 available

Mochi….. 40 available

Runtz….. Taking Orders

Snowman Cookies….. Coming Soon

Mac 1….. Taking Orders

Gelato #41….. Taking Orders

The following strains are available for PRE-ORDER only. Must be ordered by the tray (multiples of 50). Donation is $12 each

Banana Punch

Banana Sherbet

Blue Cookies

Blue Dream

Blue Skittles


Forbidden Fruit

Fruity Pebbles

Ghost OG Breath

Gorilla Glue #4

Godfather OG

Grape Dosidos


Mango Kush

Oil Spill

Orange Skittles

Purple Platinum OG


Sundae Driver

Sunset Sherbet

Super Sour Diesel

Watermelon Skittles

Wedding Cake