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Clone Menu

Clones are $10 Donation Each

Please allow 1-3 weeks for orders to be prepared

Here is our current clone inventory…

***UPDATED 6/21/2021***

Runtz….. 200 available

Mochi….. 200 available

Ice Cream Cake….. text

Gushers….. text

The following strains are available within 1-3 days. Must be ordered by the flat (multiples of 100). Donation is $10 each

Alien OG

Cereal Milk

London Pound Cake

Kush Mint

Gorilla Glue


Animal Mints

Jet Fuel

Ice Cream Man

Banana Macaroon

Blue Dream

Biscotti Cookies

Lava Cake

Gelato 33

The following strains are available for PRE-ORDER only. Must be ordered by the tray (multiples of 50). Donation is $12 each

Banana Punch

Banana Sherbet

Blue Cookies

Blue Dream

Blue Skittles


Forbidden Fruit

Fruity Pebbles

Ghost OG Breath

Gorilla Glue #4

Godfather OG

Grape Dosidos


Mango Kush

Oil Spill

Orange Skittles

Purple Platinum OG


Sundae Driver

Sunset Sherbet

Super Sour Diesel

Watermelon Skittles

Wedding Cake